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Bondage fix

March 19, 2010
Bondage fix

Her arms are pulled up behind her in a hard strappado, ensuring she remains on her knees, helpless and affixed in a vulnerable, helpless and submissive posture that is immensely pleasing to the eye of bondage enthusiasts . Two women experience the rigid control of iron bondage . When she is finally rewarded for suffering like a proper bondage slut, she comes so hard it looks like shes having a seizure . What can i say to describe crystal frost? well; shes genuinely submissive, hungry for rope bondage and horny as hell! add the dunking chair, the water fucking bowl and a beautiful crucifixion to the mix and you get one loud orgasmic woman thats dripping wet! .

Foot bondage lovers get your fix . This shoot is all sorts of hard gags, hot feet, wax, drool, bondage and blondes and it was live! (werent you there?!) awesome! . Directing her third bondage video, bride of sin, madison plays out sexual fantasies largely influenced by catholicisms spiritual practices . Enlisting the talents of claire adams, madison subjects herself to a crusifixation and holy water suspension in hopes of reaching that spiritual clarity that only bondage can bring . When i showed up at work the day of this shoot, i was fixated on doing some straight up hard core bondage without any fancy bells or whistles, just pure intense, unfiltered sadistic bondage .

She likes bondage a lot but claims she cant trust anyone to do it in her personal life . She likes being marked and bruised, and she even put in a specific request to be booked for a device bondage shoot .

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