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Hanging neck bondage

June 26, 2010
Hanging neck bondage

When questioned, she tell me she has also gotten her feet wet with modeling by posing nude and in light bondage for private collectors . She begins to struggle with the bondage immediately . There is a rigid collar buckled unbearably hard around her neck . Shes afraid that if she says yes it will get worse and she knows shes barely hanging in as it is .

She was excited about doing more agony and harder bondage this time so we put her to the test . She then gets fucked and sucks dick from a large strapon dildo while hanging and cums twice from this . She is fucked again on her back with arms crossed over her neck and made to to cum . Chain her down in heavy bondage and attack her with a raging hard cock, pounding her mouth and cunt to test her familiarity with serving men . With my wrist and neck in a fiddle and my ankles shackled and bondaged to back of my neck, pulling my neck head in an awkward angle it begins .

What could he be planning? i dont have to wait long to find out, as he hooks the pulley to one of the latex ties binding me and i am quickly hanging from the ceiling, dangling like a piece of meat on a fishing line .

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