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Justine sands perfect slave

January 12, 2011
Justine sands perfect slave

Kissy has perfect large tits, a cunt that swallows dick and loves it in the ass . With perfect 18 year old natural breasts and a sexy, hard, and tanned body to match, carmenquickly finds out that hogtied is real very real . A hogtied fantasy presentation tiny hot aubrey addams has given herself over for a bdsm slave auction . Three international multimillionaire buyers have secured the opportunity to bid and to purchase aubrey addams for use as a personal sex slave .

It is a record bid and aubrey is sold for the highest price on record for a sex slave . A sensual blow job has mini screaming through his gag and just when he thinks the ropes are coming off and its bacon and eggs for breakfast, jasmine leads her tiny slave outside to crawl around like a dog in the grass before fucking his butt so hard his squeals still echo through the forest . She endures a perfect mixture of pleasure and pain, and even withstands some difficult predicament bondage . And, like any ravenous animal, this slave slut gorges on her meal of dick every time it is offered . Feed her a load of hot come, then dress her and deposit her in the slave quarters for the evening to make her video journals and do her homework .

After dishing out some punishment, she likes her asshole licked by a tied up obedient slave on her knees . Done with alexa for the moment, cyd binds claire kneeling with her knees spread and her arms stretched out and tied up to a horizontal pole behind her shoulders a perfect position for the breast bondage and whipping that is to come . The latex frogface hood is the perfect tool for the occasion . I heard that this woman was a bit sassy, so i decided to put her reputation to the test by subjecting her to tough bondage and two doms, princess donna and sandra romain! together sandra and donna put her through one of the toughest wired shoots to date! hard fucking, predicament bondage, and all the electrical toys in the wiredpussy arsenal! for a first timer she was amazing, and i think youll love seeing her transform from a disobedient bitch into a sweet slave slut! . To some of you this update may seem longwinded in places, but after viewing it over and over, i decided to leave it asis, i could not cut down on this picture of ultimate abandon, this single minded search for the perfect orgasm .

Strap her down to the wide receiver to expose her butt and pussy, and pound her slave asshole with a hard dick till she is begging to come for our amusement . Plug her slave asshole and drill her on posture and stress positions, liberally applying the whip and crop . Cover her face in hot come and send her to the slave quarters for the night with more assignments to complete before her final day of training . Major and bondage supermodel justine joli, matt goes up against the streets of san francisco . Shes tall and tan, has perfect knockers and ass, and a mouth that could make a dead man cum .

Mistress annie cruz punishes her house slave for sneaking a peak at her tempting pussy . Chyna white is a very obedient slave that really enjoys being dominated . Chyna also rides her mistresses strapon dick like a real sex hungry slave should . Chantas slave carries her to the fishtank where she is dunked and fucked before being released! . Ava devine is a slave to cock .

Ava devine is a slave to cock . Delilah strong is a human fucking machine with a perfect round ass, large knockers and a submissive desire to be fucked until she can take no more . Lucy belle is a beautiful romanian woman with perfect natural tits, and a killer body . Training reporttraining goals progress:oral skills her initial on cam blow job was very hot, but her cunt eating still needs workfirst fuck on camera: has been prepped and seems eager to fuckposture training: detail oriented and takes well to corrections in her stanceslut training: she is easily embarrassed and still needs help coming on as a slutrecommendations: incorporate another slave to improve her cunt eating skills, improve her composure, and assist with getting her cunt fucked for the first try on camera .

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