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Underwater bondage

August 14, 2009
Underwater bondage

Sarge shows off his evergrowing bondage skills with some his hottest ties ever . I wish i could show you some of the amazing almost haunting, underwater shots our photographers captured . With a genuine love of bondage, lola oozes sexuality as she is made to to endure breast torture, made to orgasms and of course, severe bondage . Even while underwater she is made to to cum! great bondage, a beautiful model, water with dunking, and doublebinds what else do you need? .

Maya returns to waterbondage to be the first to try out water x! it is her natural reaction to struggle in her binds whilst underwater as she tries to get a breath! she is given an comming to relax her . But can she handle the princess? the test will involve cunt torture, hard bondage and being fucked in the butt while underwater but the reward of making the princess happy should make it all worthwhile . Oh and we also did some spectacular underwater bondage in the pool!! enjoy!! . Every scene is hot, but i loved scene 4 in the steel therapy tank! delilah consented to use the snorkel, combined with heavy iron bondage and lead weights, to stay underwater for the entire scene!listen to her moans of ecstasy muffled through the snorkel . Com made some new bondage items specifically for us .

The plastic straps, chastity and ballgag harness were literally made for wb and look very cool wet or underwater . underwater blowjobs, dunking while fucking and lots of splashing .

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