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Women using hitachi magic wand pussy free pics

October 8, 2009
Women using hitachi magic wand pussy free pics

New women to bondage are one thing, but to get someone as sweet and real as michelle for her initial time is truly priceless . Both women get really turned on through their role playing . We use the steadicam to capture over 50 minutes of nonstop sasha as she gets off with the machines pounding her hard pussy . Michelle is all giggles but give her some time, get her naked and the truth comes out shes a total agony slut! usually its bondage sites that send models my way who are into fucking, but not being tied up up but this time i have to set michelle free to get strictly tied up and punished before she can come back to fuckingmachines .

The machine is all the way up to 7, which most experienced fm women never even come close to that speed . Dragon and chyna are two of the hottest women i know . For the first try ever i get all four women from my collection together at the same time . If these four women dont get you hard i dont know what will . Two women from my collection, dana and jenni lee get a break from the dungeon and a day to play in the woods with some newer bitches .

First they fuck keeani and dylan with electric strapons, then i give dana control of all the women and let her have her way with them . This is part three of payback week and it just keeps getting hotter for the women and harder for the boys . Holly wellin is one of those women who can take a beating and just keep going . Just so that we can all come back down to earth and dont forget that not all women are overachievers like jade marxx or veronika, today were giving you jessica . Not one to leave a women imagination unfufilled i set out to create the ultimate imagination abduction for her .

Mistress claire works her over with the electricity, putting her in extrem bondage and shocking her tits, ass, and cunt for a series of explosive orgasms before fucking her hard with the strapon and using adriannas mouth to make herself cum!! . She is, however, extremely fucking hot and loves to fuck and suck dick and eat pussy . This round determines who gets fucked by fuckzilla with the winner moving on to round three and the loser getting a tiny shocking from the violet wand . Every time keani gets close to cumming she cranks the tit sucker pressure and every time kat is close, she shocks julie with the violet wand . One foot of the stirrups is bondaged up above her to the ceiling and she twists her arms around as she lies on her back, as though she thinks she might actually get free .

Cyd congratulates her on taking the biggest thing hes ever put in anyones butt before rewarding her efforts with the hitachi . For scene three she is bent into a strappado with her hair tied up to the floor while her vulnerable butt and cunt are shocked with the violet wand . Two more women offer their meat for money . This section will be free to all users and is where youll find the most uptodate stories about kink . Within the next month, behind kink will be restructured so that even the documentary section will be free to all users .

Please feel free to post your comments and questions using the new blog feature on the news page or in the forums section as before . Anal strapon sex finished this session leaving both women extremely satisfied . Ya gotta wonder about the silly women that come to play here at waterbondage sometimes . Mistress annie cruz punishes her house slave for sneaking a peak at her tempting pussy .

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